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Specific Injury Cover

There is one type of cover most life insurers offer that is claimed on more than any other personal insurance cover.

The cover pays out a lump sum, mainly on the fracture of bones and the amount that pays out depends on the location and type of fracture.

So, you break a bone listed in the policy, you receive a payout.

Pricing varies between companies but on average sits around $3 per week regardless of your age. Here are a couple of claim examples:

Person A slips on the ice in the middle of winter, lands on her hand and fractures her wrist. As the wrist is in the 1st category of severity, she receive a $10,000 payout*.

Person B falls off his bike and fractures his femur. Ouch!

As the femur is in the 2nd category of severity, the receives a $15,000 payout*.

*Severity definitions dependent on provider and policy wording

The main requirement is that this cover is taken out with at least one other lump sum Life or Trauma cover on the same policy.

Almost any adult can take out the policy with a few occupation limits that apply.

For more info and to see if the policy is right for you, let’s have a chat!

For advice that matters to you and your family, I’m ready when you are.

The information contained in this article is not personalized financial advice, this is purely information based and should be interpreted as such.


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